This is me, Presenting to you,

My way of creativity: Artistic Natural Music.

I'm about to create my first album; at the same time this is a big moment in my life. 
I've never revealed me or my music in public.

I discovered a lot of different kinds of music and played from classical to jazz, electronic, pop, funk, soul and so on, before I decided to create my own music.
I improved and developed myself and went on a journey to find the right balance for my music.
I’ve been living and moving in silence for 3,5 years to discover and experience the impossible to make it (my dream) possible.

I wrote and recorded a lot in those years, mostly for myself without any distraction of the social world.
The isolation allowed me to think and feel conscious all the time and gave me the focus to get to know who I really was and what I did, and most important who I am now and what I want to do.

The two singles are very different but both very personal for me. They give an impression of what was and a glimpse of what can be.
I Don’t Want To Walk & Stay started as an idea for a demo to eventually record with others.

This demo has developed from passion and dedication to a song written, recorded and mixed by myself. It’s a personal song with a personal message.

I arrange every instrument with feeling and patience to give it its own place and character in the story.

I play what I like to play. The keys invite me to go to a world full of possibilities to experiment and to play out of imagination and emotion. That pure vibe eventually creates the soul of the song.


To produce the album, I will write and create detailed demos for about 11 songs. The plan is to record the music in a minimum of 7 days with people from all over the world.
Working as a team and enjoying the passion as one. I want to create the magical vibe with everybody at one place.

I have many (or a lot of) of ideas for the LIVE ALBUM and great plans for the future.
This is an immense project and I know I’m a dreamer, 
I’m a dreamer with a realistic view, I see the impossible to make it possible. 
Crafting the project piece after piece together to eventually create something magical made me even more dedicated to show myself and share my music with the world now. – I´m ready!

If you like or even better love to listen to my music and you want to hear more of it… Then I would really appreciate if you support me so I can create and share the magical vibe that words cannot describe with you and others.