Who Are You?

I am happy to tell you that I feel to share my process of being aware of the me’s.

We all have had our phases and faces in our lives, and so do I.

I feel that I am at that moment of life to really open up myself to everyone.

The 1st step is through music recordings and demos, I will slowly share my history of the different ‘me’s’ from the past 10 years.

All recordings have their own expression of the phases/faces I’ve had.

Some were stuck at a point of ‘just’ being a concept and some were finished or overdone…

So yes, this is me, no filter, no perfection as in ‘finishing’.

And to be honest, what does it mean to finish a story really?

When is the story really finished?

Time flies, time goes, time will rise again.

It’s beautiful to see that I can listen and feel my older self through the music I’ve written and now I understand;

This is who I was,

This is how I’ve become

And with this awareness I will take you on a journey towards the person I will be.

Stay awake, Live As One,

You will hear from my ‘me’s’ soon 😉